Birthdays, Kettles and a New Blog

Hello One and All,

What better day to start a blog then on your birthday right? Its kind of a present to myself, finally getting around to doing something I have been thinking about for a while.
I would have loved to be able to put up a cake recipe in this post but its Friday and I haven’t had time to get in the kitchen for anything other then a seriously rushed dinner this week.
So instead I want to share with you the most amazing kettle in the world….
The first thing you should know is I am a tea junky and this baby has five temperature settings for different kinds of tea or coffee.
Look at them…
(Dammit it’s blurry)
It will also keep the water at a certain temperature if you have guests or you plan on drinking a liter of tea in installments over the space of 20 minuets.
To celebrate my new kettle I had the best cup of green tea I have ever had, not even a tiny bit bitter. I think I am in love… I might kick my boy out of bed so I can sleep with this kettle…. I think I will call it Bob.
It’s also just big enough to fill up my Tea Tardis.
Tea anyone?
I have some cupcakes in the works for Christmas, hopefully I can get those babies in the oven over the weekend!

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