Press Reset Green Juice

Over the past two weeks four birthday’s have been celebrated with one of them being my own, I have drunk far too much wine and eaten my body weight in delicious cake recently and I am really ready for some internal spring cleaning!

Top of mind for getting back on track food are green juices and smoothies, apparently people feel like they have to take a stand in either the smoothie or the juice department but I think they both have their place. This morning I opted for green juice… I even took my glass outside and risked being spotted photographing a glass of juice in my pj’s in our apartments garden section!


I wanted a juice that would be super hydrating and nutritious with minimal fruit, if your a fan on something a little sweeter I suggest and extra apple.  I might have added a lemon if I had not used them all up to make these cupcakes the other day.

Press Reset Green Juice 


2 Lebanese Cucumbers
1 Red Apple
1 Cup of Kale


Juice in your juicer

I had a tiny problem with appliances for this juice. We have two juicers in out apartment and of course the one I picked to use decided to just not work half the time. Just in case cleaning one juicer wasn’t enough of a pain, I had to clean two! 

RIP juicer



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