Hello and Welcome to Teaberries and Wine!

My name is Gemma and I hope you enjoy your time here. Teaberries and Wine aims to provide mostly healthy and nutritious recipes with the occasional indulgence  thrown in.


The background for the creation of this blog is my personal long term history with on and off binge eating and dieting. A week before the blog started I vowed (for about the millionth time) that I would quit dieting for good. I believe everyone should be able to celebrate food and life without feeling terrible all the time and am working to find a balance in my life.  I want to enjoy what I eat and know that for the most part the food I eat is giving my body the energy I need.

The blog also contains images and videos of my diving adventures as well as comments on yoga, running, tea and my musings on life. These are all things I enjoy and am passionate about and I hope something in here may be able to inspire you to try something new or re-kindle a connection with something you used to enjoy but no longer indulge in.



Don’t be afraid to say hello and I hope you find something that interests you here!


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